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"I am the oldest criminal in history.


I have acted in my present capacity for many thousands of years.

I have been trusted with million of pounds.

I have lost a great deal of this money.

I have constantly held temptation before those who have come into contact with me.

I have placed a burden upon the strong, and broken down the weak.

I have caused the downfall of many honest and ambitious young people.

I have ruined many business men who deserved success.

I have betrayed the trust of those who have depended upon me.

I am a thing of the past, a dead issue.

I am a failure.


I am the Open Cash Drawer."   ( Johns Patterson ) founder of National Cash Registers

The first cash register. The start of the National Cash Register Company. Which is where it all started

The first cash register $100 in 1879

in todays money $2325


It still happens today. Open the drawer and throw the money in. Running a cash register without paper rolls. Not keeping proper records and wondering why you don't appear to be making any money. So some businesses are still making the same errors that John Patterson did his best to eradicate with a cash register 100 years ago.

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